Monday, June 8, 2009

Congratulations Naughty Knotty Contest Winner!

There were so many great entries that, once again, you Lingeristas made it extremely difficult to choose the winner!

Personally, after spending a weekend away and discovering the only pair of jeans in my suitcase was shrunk in the wash, I am highly aware of the 'ol fashion-comfort connection. I probably could have worked those jeans a bit better than I did with a bit more confidence. However, I already have a JLo booty and felt a bit uncomfortable since I don't normally put it on display in such a prominent way. After this weekend, I thought our contest winner not only encompassed the question, "Why is fashionable, comfortable clothing important to you," but I also connected with what she said about feeling good and bad.

Our May Naughty Knotty Lingerie Contest Winner is Heather!

Congratulations Heather! You'll be getting the Erin Braxton
Knotted Chemise that retails for $106.

I don't know if many people realized but this Erin Braxton chemise can be worn out on the town, to work and even to bed. It's so versatile and you're going to love living in it!

Here is what Heather wrote:

"Well, I'll tell ya: fashionable and comfortable clothing seems to make my wrinkles disappear, my hair shine and my body parts lift magically! I can strut, sit, stand, lean and shimmy with a pleasing look on my face, and everyone will smile in response! However, if my clothes are terrible and tight or laughable and loose, I'll just end up with people either avoiding acknowledgment of my situation altogether...or they'll stare in horror at my unfortunate predicament. Who needs that?"

Congratulations Heather! We hope you have many days "Celebrating Your Inner Eve" in this Erin Braxton Chemise!

For those of you still interested in entering our Eve's Apples' contests, click on Eve's Apples' June Contest!

Bonne Chance!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Sweetness! I do believe this little number will accompany me on my cruise at the end of summer, hurricane or not! :-) Thank you so much!


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