Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy National Cleavage Day! 25% OFF

It's Cleavage Day!

25% off all cleavage bras, including push up bras and plunge bras! Starts 4/5/10 - 4/9/10!

According to Wikipedia, "National Cleavage Day (abbreviated NCD) is an annual celebration in South Africa held in either March or April and sponsored by the brassiere marketer Wonderbra. National Cleavage Day was started in 2002 and held at the beginning of April every year. Wonderbra together with the Cosmopolitan magazine and 5fm, a SABC radio station mainly based in Johannesburg, sponsored the National Cleavage Day."

In honor of National Cleavage Day, we're bringing our customers a 25% off on all cleavage bras (Code: EVE25BRA). Celebrate today and the rest of this week on push up bras and plunge bras at Eve's Apples Lingerie Boutique. All push up and plunge bras, show that big cleavage does come in small packages.

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Sexy Lingerie said...

it's cleavage day? why didn't anyone tell me?!?!


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