Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Things Come in Small Packages: Petite Fashionista

Whether you're a petite fashionista or a little lingeriesta, what matters is finding an expetional fit in clothing and lingerie, knowing that others are out there just like you, and realizing the size of your heart is what makes a difference.

Here is a special thanks Christa Jean owner and blooger of the Petite Fashionista for announcing our new Eve's Apples online lingerie boutique, dedicated to small busted women!

The following is a snip-it from Petite Busted Women Meet: Eve's Apples:

"Well aren't we getting spoiled! Another Petite Fashionista worthy lingerie shop online just popped up to keep us looking great with undergarments that fit, meet Eve's Apples!

Her story....

What would Eve do if the only bra in Eden was a fig leaf three sizes too big?

That is just what every small breasted woman goes through when searching for the perfect bra. That was me. Growing up, I wanted Wonder Woman’s breasts as soon as I turned 13, and I couldn’t wait to buy French lingerie. Fully grown, I wound up with 1/4 of Wonder Woman’s cup size and was left searching for beautiful bras in the tween department. Something wasn’t right. I’d grown up but all I found around me were prepubescent training bras. And it wasn’t just me. My friends had the same dilemma bra shopping for small cup sizes. Something had to change...... Read more here."

To embrace being a petite, go to the fabulous Petite Fashionista website for more exciting posts, petite designer and celebrity interviews and see some of the great work Christa Jean is doing to help the environment! Big Things so Come in Small Packages!

If you didn't know, Monica, our beautiful Eve's Apples Lingerie Model (image left wearing a Lucia Plunge Bra), who graces the home page on our website is a petite. A tall petite. At 5'9", her favorite bras to wear are by The Little Bra Company, who specialize in petites. Petites do come in all shapes and sizes.

Thanks again to Christa Jean at Petite Fashionista for her warm and welcoming post!

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