Friday, September 12, 2008

Personal Lingerie Horoscope

With the colder months coming, layering is an important fashion detail. Camisoles are a sexy option that add warmth under your clothes. But which one to choose?

This prompts the ultimate question, "What's your sign?"

Look below and find out which camisole fits your horoscope personality.


(August 23 ~ September 22)

This lacy, delicate Fleur't Pia Lace Camisole is a perfect way to embrace your virtuous and romantic side.

Price: $56


(September 23 ~ October 22)

This Versace Camisole shows Libra Lingerista's chic side, allowing them to look and feel good even under their clothes.

Price: $78


(October 23 ~ November 21)

The keeper of deep seeded passion and emotions, no one will mistake you for anything but a Scorpio in this tempting Metallic Lace Camisole by Roberto Cavalli.

Price: $98


(November 22 ~ December 21)

The explorer of the zodiac, this Flexees' Everyday Control Microfiber and Lace Camisole wears and travels well whether you're walking the Great Wall of China, dancing in Monaco or eating in a Paris cafe.

Price: $28


(December 22 ~ January 19)

This V-Neck Invisibellas Camisole by Cass & Co. is the perfect foundation piece for Capricorns, allowing them to feel grounded, flirty, and fashionable.

Price: $72


(January 20 ~ February 17)

This Versace Camisole embraces fall colors, gives a hint of the unexpected with a pop of purple and inspires the creative in cerebral Aquarius.

Price: $78


(February 18 ~ March 19)

This Floral Stretch Camisole by Just Cavalli combines watery colors and uplifts the moods of our Pisces Lingeristas.

Sale Price: $58 (previously $72)


(March 20 ~ April 19)

It may be cold outside, but with this Red Stretch Tulle Camisole by Roberto Cavallli underneath, you'll be on fire!

Sale Price: $45 (previously $150)


(April 20 ~ May 20)

Just because you're a grounded earth child doesn't mean you can't have a deliciously fun and girlie camisole. The Bohemian Camisole by Nolita embraces the best qualities of our Taurus Lingeristas.

Sale Price: $34 (previously $60)


(May 21 ~ June 20)

This Polka Dot Camisole by Dolce & Gabbana combines both sides of Geminis: fun and fashionable with classic and serious. The polka dots add a playful element while the navy colored, demi structured piece balances our Gemini Lingeristas.

Sale Price: $129 (previously $198)


(June 21 ~ July 22)

One for comfort, Cancer Lingeristas will love Cosabella's Ceylon Camisole that offers a fashionable option while your lounging at home or going out with your friends and family.

Price: $97


(July 23 ~ August 22)

Leo Lingeristas will be Queen with this Animal Print Camisole by Roberto Cavalli. It has enough sass and romantic details to make you feel majestic!

Price: $230

For more information on animal prints and lingerie, click on my post, Intimates Over the Years: Animal Prints, at The Lingerie Post.

What I love most about the camisoles (above) is the versatility that is granted. Most of them allow the wearer several options. You can wear some alone, to bed, under clothes, or dress them up or down, given the occasion. To me, having choices is all apart of Celebrating Your Inner Eve!

* Please note that lingerie items above have limited product and sizes in stock.


Mary said...

I'm a Libra, but I like the Scorpio piece better. I guess i am a little closer to Scorpio cusp.

EvesApples said...

I'm not a Scorpio and it's my favorite too ;)

Moni said...

I'm a Scorpio and I like the Virgo one best!


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