Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bra Review & Video: Saloon Bra ~ By Dita von Tesse

As you know, my dear Lingeristas, Dita von Tesse and Wonderbra have teamed up to create a new gorgeous line of lingerie. Here at Eve's Apples we were fortunate to get Dita's Saloon Bra (Satine ~ Tesse, image left) to let you know how it wears.

Wonderbra is long known for being a pioneer in the lingerie industry, and this isn't the typical push up bra of Wonderbra past.The bras are infused with beauty and function to create a new version of support. Instead of padding or inserts to create a fuller effect, the underwire is used on the top portion of the cup and the cup design and straps have been structured to give lift.

Up close, the bra has a retro-fashion feel and reminds me a bit of vintage Madonna. The look is utterly sexy on. However, the underwire (on top portion of the cup) never fully laid flat against my chest. To see if it was my breast shape or the bra, I had a friend with a more bodacious bosom than me try it on. She had the same effect. If it's our breast types or the bra, I couldn't tell you for certain--we're only two types in the vast body types out there.

I can tell you that this bra is very racy and inspirational for a little boom boom in the bedroom or for a stripe tease. With all the lace and detailed stitching this is not a tee shirt bra. It's for the woman who wants to show off her lingerie, isn't concerned about potential bra lines, and enjoys playing with the suggestion of lingerie under her clothes.

If you like the SALOON bra, stay tuned to our Eve's Apples website. In the coming months, A LUCKY EVE'S APPLE READER WILL WIN THE SALOON BRA IN ONE OF OUR MONTHLY CONTESTS!

For more information on their newly launched website, click on The Science of Sexy by Dita von Tesse or go to it directly at: .

The Dolly Bra (Multi ~ Tesse, shown right) is also available in the new Wonderbra Collection. It's £34.00 and to purchase it, click on Dolly Bra.
To purchase the Saloon Bra (in the above review) for £34.00, click here.

What does sexy mean to you? To Dita, sexy means, "For me, I've always thought that sexy was about glamour or mystery, and the image of the femme fatale or the pin-up girl." To tell Dita what sexy means to you, click on What Sexy Means to Me.

For more images on The Science of Sexy, click on the video below.

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shaun said...

My favorite (up to this point has been Victorias Secret, but now, Dita just may have my business. Wow! I really like the designs.


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