Monday, January 28, 2008

'Queen of Burlesque' Dita von Teese to become face - and body - of Wonderbra

Best known for her burlesque show and previous marriage to Marilyn Manson, Dita von Tesse is teaming up with Wonderbra to create a new line. Or as the Daily Mail wrote, It seems a match made in underwear heaven: one of the world's best-known lingerie brands and a woman most famous for parading round in nothing but spangly bra and knickers.

Dita von Teese, 35, the sexy striptease artist who reintroduced the world to the joys of burlesque, is set to become the new face of Wonderbra, it was announced today.

Known as The Queen of Burlesque, von Teese is feted for having rejuvenated the 1940s art of classic striptease and is famed for both her feather fan dance and her "bathtub" show...

...Her designs will draw on 1940s lingerie styles and vintage underwear fashion – a style that von Teese has made her own...

...Von Teese said: ' "I really hope that with this new range, I can share my passion for sensual, wearable lingerie that will add a touch of glamour to people's everyday lives." '

Click on the Daily Mail for the full article.

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