Friday, January 18, 2008

Icing on the Cake: Lingerie Accessories ~ Part 2: Stockings

Lingerie Accessories are Icing on the Cake!
Stockings have been around for centuries, going from the ballroom, boardroom and to the bedroom. Not to be confused with panty hose, stockings are commonly held up by a garter belt and come in variety of designs.

Some of the most prevalent designs associated with stockings are:

* seamless
* seam up the back
* fishnet

While these styles are traditionally associated with stockings, now a days, many designers are taking stockings to a whole new level with their designs, colors, and embellishments. Some designers add embellishments such as a diamond pattern sewn in place of a back seam, some have rhinestones over the seams (see image to below right), while others choose an over all pattern woven or dyed into the stockings.

Stockings are a fun, flirty and sexy way to express yourself while still going about your daily business. If you choose a simple, classic pair of stockings, no one has to know that you're wearing them with a garter underneath your skirt. A choice like this can help transition a day at the office to an evening out. In any case, it's exciting for the wearer to know that a garter is holding up her stockings beneath her clothes. It's her own secret.

If you want something a little bit sassier or sexier for the evening, then you can also bring another pair of stockings in your purse to change into later. This is perfect if you've chosen to wear a little black dress to the office with
little black lingerie underneath! A fun set of stockings can dress up work attire or a little black dress, making the evening out an easy transition filled with the promise of excitement to follow.

What is most important when buying stockings?

There are two important elements to keep in mind when buying stockings, buy high-quality and in a size that fits. In doing so, you'll avoid elephantitis ankles caused by drooping stockings that are too big or have lost their shape. It's also better to go a larger size, if that fits, than being caught up in buying a smaller size for the sake of the size. Stockings that are too small have been known to aggravate spider veins.

Where can I find a variety of high quality stockings?





No matter which stocking you choose, remember that it's about enhancing what you already have and feeling sexy and confident. As Rachel Arieff says in her article called Stockings, "...(S)tockings should be a pleasure in every sense: a pleasure to purchase, a pleasure to wear, and sometimes, a pleasure to remove."

Click on Stockings for Rachel Arieff's full article.

Remember that stockings are the Icing on the Cake, adding fun to any day or evening experience!

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