Monday, December 3, 2007

Icing on the Cake: Lingerie Accessories ~ Part 1: Blindfolds

Blindfolds are Dessert!

It's the hint of erotic, suspense and of what's to come that brings so much intrigue to the Blindfold. Its soft, supple texture rests on our eyes as a hint of the ties brush our skin. What's to come? We don't know. All we know is that one of our senses is taken away and now the other's are heightened!

The moments in waiting to feel the warmth of his breath, a feather grazing past our skin or something more is left to our imagination...

I'd say that I get the same feeling when I bite down into Godiva chocolate with raspberries, but... No. Blindfolds are better than dessert. Unless, of course, you combine the two.

To get some of the sexiest blindfolds, check out:

The Marquee Blindfold with
"Treat Me Like the Whore..." across the front. You can find it at For end of the season picks, you can't beat Spoylt's 50% off blindfolds in an array of sumptuous colors. My favorite is "Flirtation" and is always on my nightstand. Found at

After a night of having dessert in bed, you may need the
Alvin & Sparky Eye Mask with black cashmere on the front and pink silk next to your eyes (at so that you can get some real shut eye!

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