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Celebrity Secrets ~ La Belle Amour Lingerie

I discovered a little treasure trove of lingerie and helpful hints at La Belle Amour Lingerie. Stephanie Elms, lingerie enthusiast and owner of La Belle Amour Lingerie posted some stellar celebrity tips, given by celebrity stylists. She's also an advocate of "The Lingerie Handbook," which I rated as "Pure Heaven" in my Heaven to Hell report. I like her already, and I think you'll enjoy her "Celebrity Secrets."

These Powerful Secrets are perfect for women who desire to look and feel sexy but don't have the confidence to grin and bear it. Believe it or not, celebrities and lingerie models aren't flawless like the airbrushed pictures would lead you to believe. They are just like the rest of us, EXCEPT they know these tricks.

Read on to discover the secrets every celebrity knows to accentuate her assets, minimize her flaws, push sexiness over the edge, and be her most desirable matter her dress size.

SECRET #1 - Accentuate your assets and minimize your flaws. Miyoko, a former actress and model, author of The Housewive's Guide To The Practical Striptease, and coach to the stars, states that men look at a woman's body in pieces. If you present to them what you want them to see then that is what they will look at. Draw attention to the parts of the body you feel best about. The basic rules are:

  • Small or sagging breast, wear lingerie with underwire to create cleavage. A demi-cup can make smaller or sagging breast look very voluptuous. Items with extra fabric or lace up top can add the illusion of volume. If C-cup or larger, support is important. For larger breast, look for a pretty supportive bra or go for a camisole or gown with sewn in support.
  • Larger arms or shoulders, no spaghetti straps. Consider wide straps or cap sleeve, and even a sheer robe.

  • Undefined waist, use two piece outfits to create hourglass figure. Enhancing cleavage with corsets will draw in the waist and provide attention upward, away from the waist. Also, consider something with an empire waist such as a babydoll.
    Stomach pooch, enhance other areas to detract attention, and opt for lingerie with hidden tummy panels or corsets to smooth and shrink the stomach. A babydoll can also be good at hiding the tummy as it is flowy.

  • Larger bottom, opt for bikini panty, boy shorts, or cheeky panties. Avoid thong or g-string panties. Try a chemise, slip, or long gown...something that doesn't hug the hips.

  • Larger thighs, choose lingerie with a wide shirt, maybe even consider ruffles or pleats. The secret is that the added width appears to come from the skirt, and not the thighs! Also consider a longer gown.

  • Short legs, wearing black pantyhose and a bedroom slipper with a small heel can lengthen them. Also, try wearing shorter lingerie, like bustiers and teddies with high cut legs. The more leg you show, the longer it will look.

  • Long torso, choose a baby doll in a longer length.

  • Short torso, choose a shorter length babydoll.
*For more on how to accentuate your assets and minimize your flaws, read The Lingerie Handbook by Rebecca Apsan, a lingerie enthusiast that clothes many celebrity clients in their intimates, including Cindy Crawford, not to mention the cast of Sex In The City!

SECRET #2 - Know how to work color! The fundamental golden rule to follow when it comes to color, no matter your shape or size, is to stick with dark colors. Colors such as black, brown, dark purple, burgundy or navy, discourage focus on flawed areas. Also, try to keep colors as monochromatic and simple as possible. To use color to your advantage, choose one area of the body you like and accentuate it. Also, consider putting a pattern in that area.

SECRET #3 - Go for fabric that is comfortable, but SEXY! (For some of you this excludes thong panties all together) Look for lingerie pieces that are soft, and made of touchable fabrics such as silk, satin, or velvet. Also, look for the quintessential feminine detail - lace. It suggests innocence and sexiness all at the same time. Lace straps, satin or silk ribbons, and sheer fabric on the stomach will lend sex appeal without baring too much skin.

SECRET #4 - If you've got it FLAUNT it and if you don't FAKE it! There are products to lift, separate, squeeze, smash, enhance, etc. almost any area of the body. Some may not be as appropriate if your using lingerie to set an intimate mood. Let's face it, no one wants the "stuffing" to fall out in the heat of the moment. However, this secret is great to pump up your lingerie and look glam in your clothes so it was worth mentioning here. For example,

  • I recently read that Gwyneth Paltrow was complimented on how great she looked shortly after giving birth to her second child. She thanked them and then confessed to wearing a girdle under her clothes.

  • On the set of the Stepford Wives, they used Takeouts (, natural feeling inserts that add a full cup size.

  • And if you have found the perfect piece of lingerie and want to wear it under your shirt but it doesn't quite boast the support you need, consider Heather Locklear's favorite fix, Low Beams ( They are ouchless, latex-free teeny adhesive pads that you can wear with or without a bra.

  • Jennifer Lopez swears by Commando(, a paper-thin undergarment that acts like a never-seen second skin.

  • You can also consider padded Butt Panties ( if you can find them. Apparently, since Jennifer Lopez has shown that bigger is better, they can't keep them in stock.
*For more Hollywood beauty secrets, "The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets" by Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman, two women who clearly have all the inside scoop when it comes to celebrity beauty is a must read! (

...You don't have to be Elle Macpherson or Heidi Klum to turn heads in your intimates. All you need is the right pieces for your body and a few glam tricks and your name will become synonymous with sexy. Finding that piece of lingerie and knowing how to work it ultra sexy is the ultimate in retail therapy for the mind and body! If these secrets to glam you up don't have your man drooling on himself, check his pulse, because Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, and Kate Moss have nothing on!

Click here for the full article on La Belle Amour Lingerie's website, including 15 Celebrity Secrets.

A special "Thank you" to La Belle Amour Lingerie for their article and secret tips!


Mary said...

You know what I think is how I may think something is a negative for flaw on me but others see it as a positive that I should accentuate. It's all about self-image in the end I guess.

Eve's Apples said...

Absolutely. It's all about perception and what makes us comfortable. Most
important, it's about being confident and loving our bodies.


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