Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wonderbra is on Top

Still a Must Have!

In an end-of-year what's "Hot" and what's "Not" clothing list for the U.K., the Wonderbra is still as popular as ever! The Daily Mail held a clothing poll, and the
Wonderbra came in at #3 as a "Must Have" in the U.K. -- the only bra to make the list, mind you.

The Wonderbra has had several incarnations over the decades and enjoyed much success world wide, including the United States. Since 1994, the United States has enjoyed it's signature push-up and padded design. Upon its 1994 relaunch in the United States, push-up bra sales domestically increased 43% that year.

Since then, the Wonderbra has inspired other competitors to create their own version of it. One of the most popular has been the Victoria's Secret Miracle Bra. With all the new versions of the Wonderbra around, it could take a day to explain all the bells and whistles that define each one. But in a world where there is every kind of bra imaginable, across the pond the British still love the Wonderbra the most.

Wonderbra Trivia:

  1. How long has the Wonderbra been around?

  2. Which model, wearing a Wonderbra on a billboard, is "supposedly responsible" for numerous car accidents in the U.K. because drivers were preoccupied by her bodacious bosom instead of the road?

  3. These are ad slogans for the Wonderbra in the early 1990s, "Hello boys," "Who cares if it's a bad hair day" and "Look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me." Which two were released for the U.S.?

* Answers at the end of the blog

Click here to read the full Daily Mail "Top 10" article.

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  1. 72 years (It was patented in 1935)

  2. Eva Herzigov√°

  3. "Who cares if it's a bad hair day" and "Look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me." ("Hello boys" was released in the U.K.)

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