Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little Black Lingerie ~ The New Little Black Dress

For years it's been said that every woman needs a "little black dress." What about the lingerie that goes under it? Little black lingerie is the new little black dress.

A wardrobe staple ever since
Coco Chanel introduced it in the 1920s, the little black dress has been going from day to evening and everything in between. Versatile and appropriate no matter what the occasion is the little black dress' reputation.

But what about the lingerie underneath?

No one mentions the lingerie that goes under the little black dress. Are we suppose to wear some Granny panties and call it a day? "Absolutely not!"

We want Glam not Gran!

Today's modern woman has more demands on her than ever, having to constantly change hats all day. She has to be able to go from a board room, fashion show, sporting event and/or school to an evening out at night and look "fab-u-lous." Little black lingerie can help with all of that.

Even if you aren't wearing a little black dress, a classic, little black lingerie set (bra and panty) is a great staple. Like the little black dress, little black lingerie will take you easily from day to evening. Black not only goes nicely under dresses, it also is great under darker colored pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters and jeans.

Not much is sexier than knowing you're wearing black lingerie under your plain street clothes. You may not even be aware of the confidence and sex appeal you'll exude. But others will notice. And they'll notice when you aren't wearing them too.

You don't believe me? Remember when Bridget Jones was wearing her little black dress and she had a night cap with Daniel Cleaver? Our poor girl was humiliated wearing her "stomach sucking in panties loved by Grannies the world over." Suffice to say, it would never have happened if she put on her little black lingerie instead.

Now that I've scared you into believing, lets talk about what qualities separate little black lingerie from regular lingerie. In line with the little black dress, the following are qualities of little black lingerie:

  • Versatile (dress up and dress down)
  • Comfortable (can be worn all day and night)
  • Simple design yet elegant
  • Smooth under clothes (no bulging lines from rogue lace or panty lines)

The bra and panty set by Malizia by La Perla best describes "The Little Black Lingerie" this season. It can easily take you from day to evening and looks stunning. Just knowing that you're wearing such gorgeous lingerie beneath your clothes will make you feel like Eve, the origianl temptress!

If you don't have little black lingerie, splurge on a good quality set. To ensure versatility, make sure that you get the panty cut so that you don't have panty lines (usually a thong, t-back, tanga or sheer boy short are best). And know your correct bra size--you want to be comfortable. You can be measured at a boutique or go to: evesapples.blogspot.com/2007_12_01_archive.html#6204040695658953039

Above all, enjoy yourself! Lingerie is fun. Celebrate your inner Eve and simplify your life with little black lingerie!

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