Monday, December 3, 2007

Shop Lingerie Online: Using Interactive Fashion Plates

Unless you're Bridget Jones and you don't mind running out in the snow in your leopard print panties, then you probably want a little bit of privacy when trying on your lingerie. I've always been a naked girl, but I've definitely had my moments where I've wanted to hide behind a curtain or avoid the lingerie store. I've either thought the mirrors made me look 12 sizes bigger, I was having an "ugly day," or I was just plain old too busy to get there.
Here's an answer, and it's sooo much fun! Try your lingerie on online at! uses model videos to show you what lingerie looks like on a “real” person, letting the user drag-and-drop lingerie sets onto a choice of three women representing varying sizes and ethnicity...As you browse through the (lingerie) collection, you can’t help checking each piece out to see how it looks on each model and how the lingerie fits as the models walks back and forth.
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Do yourself a favor and take a look at to see how you would look in that luxurious lingerie!

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