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For Him: Lingerie Tips ~ Part 2

Lingerie to Buy Based upon Her Body Type

I love how Jennifer Love Hewitt responded to paparazzi taking a swimsuit photo of her from behind in Hawaii. While reveling in her recent engagement, instead of hiding in shame over her “less than perfect” starlet body, Jennifer stood up for herself, claiming that “she loves her body” but mostly feels bad for the women and girls who struggle with their body image. We women should have her fearlessness. Men should all be so lucky to be with a woman that has her confidence.

If your girlfriend or wife is as confident as Jennifer, than you can purchase lingerie ranging from bra & panty with garters, to corsets, camisoles, and babydolls. And she’ll love you for it.

What if your spouse or girlfriend isn’t as confident as Jennifer Love Hewitt and you want to buy her lingerie?

If your love struggles with her body image, there’s still some lingerie you can get her that will transform her figure and help her feel confident until she’s ready to put on a bikini.

First, lets talk about different body types. There are four basic body types, such as Rectangle, Pear, Apple, and Hourglass.

  • Rectangle: This is the most common body type. It’s characterized by the bust, waist, and hips all being close to the same size
  • Pear: This is the second most comment body type. It’s characterized by smaller shoulders and carrying most of the weight in the hips and thighs. These women appear to have a smaller upper body in comparison with their lower bodies
  • Apple: It’s characterized by carrying most of her weight in her upper body. Both waist and chest are typically larger than her thighs
  • Hourglass: This is the most uncommon body type. It’s characterized by resembling the shape of an hourglass where chest and thighs appear equal in size with a defined waist. She tends to not carry weight around her waist and will gain it evenly throughout her body

Now that you know her body type, lets talk about how you can enhance what she already has and make her sizzle!

  • Rectangle: Play up her legs with a Teddy or Bra & Panty with Garter. If this seems too adventuresome for her, a Babydoll will enhance her chest and still make her look sexy
  • Pear: A Chemise or Babydoll will draw attention to her upper body. If she’s confident like Jennifer Love Hewitt, by all means, try a Camisole & Panty or Tap Pants instead
  • Apple: Enhance her chest and draw attention to her legs with a Corset & Garter. She’ll look incredible! If that seems like too much for her, try a Babydoll for now
  • Hourglass: This body type can get away with anything but will look absolutely stunning in a Corset. If she has a smaller or bigger chest than the corset will fit, then a good option is Bra & Panty with Garter, Chemise, or Camisole & Panty

If all else fails and you are unsure of her body type or what she’d like, a Babydoll or Chemise are good choices. Babydolls accent the breasts and flare out in an empire waist (right under the breasts) and can hide all manner of holiday sins. A chemise is an elegant choice that can make a woman feel sexy until she’s ready to bare more.

What are those bizarre terms above “claiming” to be lingerie?

Below is a list of definitions on the lingerie mentioned above:
  • Babydoll: A short, sexy nightgown, usually made from sheer fabric
  • Camisole: Also referred to as a ‘Cami:’ a thin strapped, waist-length undergarment, the woman’s equivalent to an undergarment—but so much nicer
  • Chemise: Think of a slip with hot attitude, it can be worn under a dress or as a nightgown
  • Corset: A figure-enhancing bodice, with or without straps, often with a built in garter
  • Garter: A sexy alternative to pantyhose, a ‘belt’ worn low around the waist that holds up stockings
  • Teddy: A one-piece, body-hugging combination of bra and panty

Thank you to Nordstrom for providing specific information on lingerie definitions. Go to: http://about.nordstrom.com/popup/lingerie_boutique/lingerie_terms.asp to find out their tips for men going lingerie shopping. For further tips, go to http://www.lingerie-panties-bra.com/.

A Side Note on Color

  • Black & Dark Colors: They will cut a beautiful silhouette around a woman’s figure and will also make her appear slimmer
  • White & Lighter Colors: White is hard to wear unless she is tan or has a warmer skin tone. Most skin tones are more complimentary with softer colors, like ivory, off white, or beige.
Remember that whatever color you choose will be reflected in her skin tone when she wears it. For example, a woman who puts on a pale pink color will see that color reflected in the tone of her skin.

Before purchasing a color, try thinking of what color she tends to wear a lot of and what color and shade look the best on her. That will be a good judge of what colors are complimentary with her skin tone.

Above all…

Know Her Personality

Some women prefer bright colors and fun lingerie, regardless of her body type or skin tone. If this is your woman, than it’s more important to choose a gift that she’ll be comfortable wearing. That means, find something in one of the colors she gravitates towards and a lingerie style that will suit her personality.

Remember this is a gift for her, just as much as it is for you. You want her to feel confident, sexy, and gorgeous! When you take your time to find lingerie that she feels sexy in, you may find that your frozen winter night has melted into a sultry Hawaiian sunset.


See our Eve's Apples article, For Him: Lingerie Tips - Part 1, for ideas on how to overcome purchasing lingerie in a store.

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