Friday, December 7, 2007

Intimate Stocking Stuffers ~ Kama Sutra, Panties, & Romantic Notes

Why not open your stocking in the morning and have it last well into the night...

...or all year for that matter. Whether you want to indulge for the day, night or all year, the following stocking stuffers are sure to provide some fun, pleasure, and enjoyment!

Kama Sutra Treasure Trove, Strawberry
The playful and erotic treats in this tin are all flavored strawberry and champagne. There's tingly, warming oil, pleasure balm and honey dust sprinkled on your body with feathers.

Price $34.95

The Jezebel Risque Tu Tu Thong will have you dancing in the living room with your slippers on! It comes in pink, red, & black.

Price: $14.00

365 Days of Romance
365 fortune-cookie style notes make sure romance never goes out of season with these daily reminders of your love! Let your loved one know just how much you care all year!

Price $11.95

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