Sunday, December 23, 2007

For Him: Lingerie Tips ~ Part 3

The Important Gift Receipt!

You've picked out the sexiest little lingerie you can find for your sweetie, now what? The most important thing you can do before you leave the store is ensure that you get a gift receipt.

Why? You just spent some serious time picking out the perfect corset and garter that you know she'll adore. Besides, "What is a gift receipt?"

A gift receipt shows proof of purchase and has a code listed in place of the price. It also retains the full amount of what you paid, just in case she does have to return it. If she returns it without a sales slip then she may only be credited a discounted price (the item may have gone down since purchase).

"Return the present?! How rude." You’re wild for it, why wouldn't she be too?

She should be able to use her lingerie and enjoy it, thinking of you when she does. Know that it's nothing personal if she has to make a return. Here are a few reasons she may need to return the item:
  • wrong size or color
  • a broken seam, rip, or flaw in the material
  • you thought it was Gucci but it's really hoochie

How do you get a gift receipt?

If you're at a store, ask for one as you're making a purchase. If you're buying online, look for options that allow a gift receipt or to hide the price. If these aren't available, see if there is a space for special requests. Request one in the space provided—the company might be able to accommodate.

Remember, your loved one may or may not use the gift receipt, but at least she has the option. Above all, including one tells her that this gift is about her!

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