Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Poll Results: Your Favorite Bra is...

Last week, Eve's Apples readers were asked, "Your Favorite Bra is...?" The final results are as follows:

Luxurious ~ Makes me feels like a Goddess = 30%

Fashionable ~ Who cares about comfort = 0%

Comfortable ~ Comfort before beauty = 38%

Sexy ~ Meeeow = 30%

Affordable ~ Dollars & sense = 15%

Durable ~ Can survive a nuclear holocaust = 7%

With "Sexy" and "Comfort" being neck-and-neck all week, I'm still a bit shocked that comfort won out over sexy or luxurious. However, I have to admit, I won't even put on a bra that isn't comfortable. For me, it's just a given that it must be comfortable AND sexy. With that being said, my biggest shock is that someone is wearing a bra that can survive a nuclear holocaust.

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