Monday, December 3, 2007

For Him: Lingerie Tips ~ Part 1

Holiday Shopping

How do you shop for your honey when you’d rather have a root canal than walk into a lingerie store? While women have infiltrated men’s clothing stores for years, it’s still difficult for some men to shop in a lingerie store. If this is you, you aren’t alone. Here are some tips to bolster your confidence and make a lingerie purchase:

Just Do It!

Realize that buying ladies lingerie is liberating. It’s a huge turn-on for a woman to find out that her man took the time to personally buy lingerie with her in mind.

Liquid Courage

If you have to go as far as having a Glen Levitt before walking into a lingerie store, it’s better to do the following first:

Call a Lingerie Store Ahead of Time

  • Ask the store manager to pull some lingerie for you before you arrive
  • Ask about slow days and times at the store. Visit the store at those times
  • Make an appointment with a sales associate to maximize you’re time in the store. Nordstrom and most boutiques will accomodate you

If you still just can’t bring yourself to physically go into a store…

Shop Online

It takes the embarrassment factor out of it that some men experience. You can go to a website any time (day or night), wearing your pajamas (if you want) and you’re the only one who knows that you’re shopping.

The following areas are places to look for lingerie online:

  • Boutique Websites
  • Department Store Websites
  • Online Store Websites ~ They’ll have a variety of brands and styles of lingerie
  • Lingerie Brand Websites ~ You'll either be able to purchase online or be directed to a company that sells the brand

You don’t know any brand names? If this is the case, ask her the name of her favorite brand, look in her lingerie drawer or ask her friends. If you still come up empty handed, La Perla and Cosabella always have a beautiful fit and gorgeous lingerie.

For specific links to my favorite boutiques, department stores and online store websites, click here for my “Priceless Panties” article.

Lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving. Don't believe me? Buy her that lingerie and find out!

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