Friday, January 11, 2008

Commando or Covered: Perfect Panties for Massage

I have to correct Shakespeare. "To wear panties or not wear panties," that is the real question. At least that's the question I incessantly ask myself right before a massage as I frantically put my lingerie on and off over the next several minutes.

Most of us have had that moment: Naked...clothed...naked...clothed. Perhaps with or without the chaotic display of anxiety. During these times, my mind races like a chattering monkey on 16 cups of coffee.

"If I don't wear panties, does that make me sleazy or vulnerable? If I wear them, do I expose my bum? Or do I cover it? Stop already!"

In order to put this incessant chit-chat to an end, I spoke with Shannon Neels, Owner of Le Reve Day Spa in Santa Barbara, California who gave me the inside tips on lingerie and massage. I asked her the ultimate question, "Commando or covered?"

She looked me dead serious in the face and said, "Commando...But it comes down to the client. She should wear whatever makes her feel comfortable."

Ideally, it's best if the client goes naked for two simple reasons. The masseuse can keep moving with the flow of your body instead of working around your panties. Secondly, it's a freer experience for the client.

Shannon recommends a panty that is as skimpy as possible. This helps when rubbing your hips, low back and buttock areas. The following is a list of panties that are recommended to wear during a massage:

  • Thong

  • G-String

  • T-Back

When you get a massage, make sure that you don't wear your best pair. I never want my massage compromised because I'm obsessing that my panties will turn into an oil slick. That said, don't wear a heinous pair either. If you wouldn't be caught dead in that underwear, then don't wear it. Instead of relaxing, the hour will wear on as you think about being seen in your war torn panties instead of drifting off into oblivion.

Most of all, wear a panty that makes you feel confident enough to let your guard down and enjoy the massage. If you don't feel brave, then try whatever panty makes you feel comfortable the first time. At the next visit, step it up and try something a little more risqué.

Some people have no problem going commando and there are others who will never drop their panties for a massage. Both are okay. Know yourself and choose which ever method (clothed or unclothed) that allows you to feel the most relaxed and comfortable.

Above all, enjoy your massage! You deserve it!


Take a look at Shannon's non-profit organization, AngelsList, that volunteers massages and services to people with cancer. It's a worthy gift to give back!

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