Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Virtue of Thongs

Thongs...To Be or Not To Be

I confess. I've loved thongs ever since my ultra hip mom told me I needed to get out of the Dark Ages and wear a pair. Prior to my intervention, like most women, I was afraid of the horror stories that thongs were more like an invasion of dental floss.

All dental visits aside, thongs have gotten a bad rap, making women avoid them like the plague instead of embracing the comfortable, sexy, sleek panties. Keep in mind that there is always a positive side, even with thongs. Over the years I've learned to love them, favoring them over other styles. Here are some of the Thong Virtues that I've found:

Thong Virtues
  1. Hides unseemly panty lines

  2. Panties don't bunch up in the back, making you look like there's a wad in your caboose

  3. Bought in the correct size, they can be very comfortable (I always buy a size larger than my normal size--this keeps me from having the "Dental Floss Effect"

  4. They can be extremely sexy, especially with a bow or detail in the back

  5. Lightweight

  6. Easy to travel with (they take up little space in a suitcase and dry quickly after washing)

  7. Great to wear during a massage (if you don't want to go au natural)

  8. Comfortable to wear during pregnancy (they don't touch your belly and you still feel sexy)

  9. Shows off your legs and bum

  10. They can give you a free, confident, sassy feeling that full cut styles don't
If you still need a little nudge, Buttercup from Tout de Suite Buttercup will prove my point on thongs.

It's hard enough being women, walking around in our normal, imperfect, beautiful, curvy bodies, worrying about everything it is that we worry about each day. The last thing we should have to worry about are annoying panty lines. Panty lines, on all occasions under all types of clothes (business attire, jeans, and yoga pants, for example), are unflattering and totally unnecessary. No matter how perfectly shaped, skinny, toned, and smooth you are, add a panty line and you're booty will suddenly look bumpy, bulgy and indented. It's a travesty, and it doesn't have to be that way. You can totally eliminate the lines and maximize the assets without sacrificing any comfort.

I started wearing thongs about 8 years ago because I thought they were kind of sexy, but now wear them exclusively, not only or even mainly for the panty-line buster effect, but because I find them way more comfortable than any other type of panty.

Click on Tout de Suite Buttercup for the full article.

Special thanks to Tout de Suite Buttercup for their article about thongs!

For a mood altering experience with some Priceless Panties, try a thong!

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