Monday, March 29, 2010

New Arrivals: A Peek at Lingerie

New to Eve's Apples, we recently started carrying one of our favorite designers, Maria Paz Navales, who created, owns and designs Undrest. Undrest has been long known for its Brazillian cut panties, soft, supple bralettes and chemises in its Signature line.

Fortunately, we have some of those favorite lingerie staples that look fabulous on small busted women. These gems are perfect for travel, inner as outerwear and sleepwear, such as the Amelie Bralette (above) for $55. The Signature Collection is even a favorite with Milla Jovovich and the Pussycat Dolls.

(Milla, above, dresses for her body type. She wears a fabulous top, by an unknown designer, which is feminine, chic and perfect on small busts)

If you like the Amelie from the Signature Collection, this cherished lingerie is found at our lingerie boutique. It'll fast become a favorite that you'll go to year after year. This season we'll be adding additional Undrest lingerie, including the Amelie Nightie (below), perfect for brides, honeymoons and Mother's Day.

Recently, Undrest branched out into a Haute Couture line, featured in Elle Magazine (silk lingerie image above), with luscious art deco-inspired pieces in silk and lace. Priced at $356 for the haute couture set above, the Amelie bra and panty set in 100% Supima cotton with silk trim (under $100 for both, image top of post) is a great way to get affordable, luxury lingerie that you'll adore.

Start your day off with Undrest, my dear Lingeristas, and "Celebrate Your Inner Eve Today!"

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