Friday, January 23, 2009

Cold Proof Lingerie & Video

This time of the year, colds go around affecting couples, co-workers and families. But sometimes you have to wonder if your partner, friend or employee is really sick. How can you tell? Click on the video to see if he suffers from some of the tell tale signs of death defying sickness.


If your partner potentially has a "Man Cold," like the actor in the "Man Stroke Woman" video above, try the following as a test to see just how sick he really is right now:

  1. Get out your sexiest lingerie (like the bra and panty sets below recently released by Lake & Stars ~ found at Faire Frou Frou)

  2. Walk around the house nonchalantly in your sassy intimates
  3. Bend over in front of him...
  4. Does he blankly stare off into space? Is he completely oblivious to you? Does he struggle to moan incoherently? If so, he's really sick
  5. If he talks, feebly tries to coerce you over to him or grunts in a way that illicites "Come hither," then your husband or boyfriend has a man cold

If he has a "Man Cold"...STOP what you're doing. I repeat STOP. You need to think clearly. Do the following steps, in this order:

  1. Get dressed. Keep on your luxurious lingerie beneath your clothes
  2. Give him some soup AND the t.v. remote
  3. Go out for drinks with your girlfriends

You've earned it!


Anonymous said...

Truly enjoy "Eve's Apples" but this month, "Man Cold" is hilarious! But also, sadly true. I like the "go out with girls for cocktails." The only choice. And, the "resolve" to do list. Will take this serious, as I have been since reading EP. Thanks for all. Vegas get ready for Eve!

EvesApples said...

Thanks for the post!

I saw the video and simply had to find a way to tie it in with lingerie.

Have a great New Year and beware of colds! Especially those associated with men. ;)

Big Hugs and Loves,

~ Eve


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