Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boutique of the Month ~ Peter Alexander

In 1987 in Australia, Peter Alexander sewed his first pair of pajamas on his Mother's dining room table...the rest is history. Within one year, he'd sold his line to every major department store in Australia. By 1996, an American buyer discovered his talent and introduced his line to the United States. Now, instead of being in stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States, he has his own stores.

Imagine my delight when I was just window shopping and stumbled across this unique store, offering intimates, accessories and bedtime wear that converts to day wear! You can pretty much assume it's going to be a good experience when someone initially offers you chocolate coated biscuits upon entering the store. And I had my four year old son with me who would not be denied having a second chocolate biscuit...a fast moving sales associate with chocolate in hand...melt down avoided.

The sales staff were warm and inviting, as well as helpful beyond belief. I ended up purchasing two chemises that day (the Casino Royal and Old World Bow Slinky) because both were so comfortable and pretty, making it supremely difficult to choose only one.

How many places have you been where the sales staff raves about how down-to-earth and kind the owner is when visiting the stores? I can tell you that it doesn't happen often, but it happens at Peter Alexander. They gushed so genuinely about Peter that I wanted to anything I could to help the store succeed.

To get a quick idea of the flirty line, the pink Music Box Nightie and Knicker (above left) is $79. The Rodeo Drive lingerie set (image above right) is from the Signature Line (bra is $69 and knicker is $39)...if I could only justify another purchase....

I enjoyed myself so much that I simply couldn't wait to announce Peter Alexander as a Boutique of the Month, so I wrote about the line in Lingerista Lifestyle: Cozy Chemises & Chocolate Peppermint Martinis. And, I know. Technically, Peter Alexander isn't a boutique, per say. But, it's such a lively, delightful store with fabuleux customer service that it deserves a bending of the rules.

If you don't have time to go into the store in person, check out the website online by clicking on Peter Alexander. It's a fun, interactive place to stop by and get a flavor of the brand (see image below).

Wearing Peter Alexander is always a pleasure. Even if you're getting your beauty rest, you want to be comfortable and glamorous as you dream about Celebrating Your Inner Eve.

Nightie night, my dear Lingeristas!

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