Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dita von Tesse Interview ~ Inspirations

In the fabulous video interview with Dita von Tesse (below), she talks about her inspirations, lingerie, fashion and burlesque. Keep in mind, this was conducted prior to release her own lingerie line, The Science of Sexy! Dita is one woman who definitely "Celebrates Her Inner Eve" and she sums this up in her video interview by saying that "the most stylish women throughout history have been the rule breakers."

Lingeristas, what it comes down to is listening to your own voice and wearing what makes you feel comfortable. It may not be the same style as your best friend, mother or boss, but it is entirely "you!" When you're confident, you're sexy and alluring just being "you."

For more information on her line, click on our Eve's Apples' post, Dita von Tesse at Covent Garden or click on the video below.

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