Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dita von Tesse ~ Interview at London's Covent Garden

As you know, Dita von Tesse recently launched a gorgeous new line of lingerie with Wonderbra called The Science of Sexy. What you may not know is that Dita has had a long history with lingerie, well before she was enticing people in her burlesque show. She was a bra fitter from the ages of 15 - 22, which may explain why the Saloon bra band fits me better than any other. Inspired by "50s shaping and combined with 40s detailing," this line is a modern twist to a classic look. And, of course, it has Dita's stamp of approval -- "SEXY!"

Full of interesting surprises, in the video below, Dita says that the Saloon bra has the classic 1950s top wire. This fun detail is one of the reasons the Saloon bra is her favorite in the line (image on left). See our Eve's Apples post, Bra Review & Video: Saloon Bra ~ Dita von Tesse.

For more tidbits on the new line, click on the video interview below by ITN Entertainment and Dita in London's Covent Garden.

From a bra fitter at the ages of 15 - 22, to a longtime aficionado of vintage lingerie, Queen of Burlesque, and now a lingerie designer, Dita is a great example of a woman who Celebrates Her Inner Eve by following her passion. In doing so, she allows the rest of us to celebrate ours! Thanks, Dita!

Stay with Eve's Apples if you like The Science of Sexy! In November, we'll be giving away Dita's Favorite Saloon Bra in our monthly contest!


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