Friday, October 31, 2008

Virtues of Dressing Up


Most of us remember how fun it was growing up and either dressing up in our Mother's clothes or for Halloween. It was a perfect escape, unleashing our fantasies through clothing and imagination. Dressing up with your lover or mate can add an exciting element to your intimate encounters. Since it's Halloween, dressing up is a fun way to put a little sexy into an old childhood favorite.

Here are the Virtues of Dressing Up:
  1. It brings out a secret or hidden side of your personality

  2. Adds fun and excitement to trysts

  3. Lets you pretend that you're someone else for the evening

  4. The perfect alibi..."Catwoman made me do it!"

  5. Adds playful aspect to life, bringing a youthful approach to it

  6. Act out your fantasies

  7. "Wonder Woman made me do it!"

  8. Intimate clothes transform a person's feelings and view of herself

  9. It can be a confidence booster

  10. "Zena Warrior Princess made me do it!"

What is the perfect panty to wear with the Catwoman suit on this post?

Commando panties in either briefs, boyshorts, or thongs. It's up to you, but either way it'll look and feel as if you're going commando.

Image on this page (above middle) is from the 1992 Batman Returns with Michelle Pfeiffer playing Selina Kyle (aka: Catwoman).

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