Monday, October 6, 2008

Haute Halloween Lingerie & Literature Contest

Inspired by Agent Provocateur's Season of the Witch Lingerie Collection and the phenomenal success of Wicked (the touring Broadway musical), we're bringing our Eve's Apples' readers our Haute Halloween Lingerie & Literature Contest.


Tell us why you're green with envy to get your hands on a SIGNED COPY OF "THE SKYE IN JUNE" BOOK and a sheer, green BIKINI PANTY BY DONNA L'OREN--sure to turn Glinda the Good Witch green with envy.

The best comment will win!

Prizes: A signed copy of "The Skye in June" book and a sheer green bikini panty by Donna L'Oren (size Medium only).

To Enter: Leave a comment after this post about why you're green with envy to have this book and pair of panties. Here's a hint...I tend to choose people who write creative, emotionally evocative and/or humorous comments.

Deadline: November 1, 2008 (5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time)

Important: Please be sure that we can either link back to you or that you send Eve's Apples your e-mail address (we don't sell it or pass it along). We notify the winner directly.

* Please do not leave your e-mail address in your post--other people may visit the site and put you on their spam list.

Please Note: The green sheer bikini panty by Donna L'Oren only comes in size Medium.

For those of you who haven't heard about "The Skye in June", June Ahern wrote this humorous, emotional, inspiring novel loosely based upon her life. In her words, "When the rollicking Scottish MacDonald family emigrates to San Francisco, California, young June has visions. They haunt Cathy, revealing her secret past in the Scottish Highlands. June’s religiously rigid and abusive father will not tolerate the visions. This doesn’t stop his feisty redheaded daughter from her interest and curiosity in psychic phenomena and witchcraft."

Jim Toland, author of "Fire and Fog" comments about "The Skye in June" by saying, "
Not since author Amy Tan's early writings has a woman's voice so strongly resonated from one of San Francisco's most famous neighborhoods. Author June Ahern's powerful coming of age tale, 'The Skye in June', is the evolution of a young psychic and her passage through a unique time and place-–a must read for anyone interested in the drama and complexities of what it might be like growing up psychic."

For more information on Ahern or her book, click on The Skye in June.

Celebrate Your Inner Eve by making it a Haute Halloween this October when one lucky reader will win a pair of Donna L'Oren panties and "The Skye in June"! Best wishes on entering!


Sandy said...

I am green with envy because my husband - ohhh nooes her it husband has a panty fetish ---seriously he loves buying me womens panties- for every holiday, for when the wind blows- now I know I should be happy but I told him stop and he has been detoxing...this would be a special treat to wear for him to say honey I love you ...thankyou for the panties you do buy me, and thankyou for not buying me panties everytime you hit a store- its thoughtful btu would rather have other things...---oopsyou folks don't know me so it doesn't matter. We have a great sex life and yes he is a butt and panty man. After we make some wild whoopie and he wears out I can get my hands on "THE SKYE IN JUNE" BOOK and get some quiet reading time in after I wear his but off from wild whoopie. I am green with envy because this is sexy lingerie and looks like a great let me wear out the hubs so I can have a few hours of reading time with the house asleep otherwise he is up all night watching movies and sitting by me playing poker on the computer.

rosannepm said...

The medium would not fit my badonkadonk butt so I'd have to give the panties to my daughter in law. I guesss lying around reading the book will increase the size of it butt-oh well!

toughturtles said...

well i would give them to my wife i am sure she would like them and of course read the book

TDS said...

Maybe I will wear the panties while my wife reads the book...


kygirl said...

I am green with envy cause I want some green panties,

djolsen said...

I am green with envy because I don't have green panties, i have never had green panties and i am 70 and I should have some before it is to late.
I always turn a funny green color when I behold a book that I don't own and that I want.

flared0ne said...

As much as anything, I'm curious to delve into the 'feel' of this book, to waft through its pages and confirm my "memories" of the youthful psychic's life described. There is so much color evoked here -- the blue of the skye, the pale cream of my redhead's body, the occasional lustful freckle, the translucent green of the cloth and the flamelike hues so artfully framed... In my mind's eye I truthfully see a handful of other faces literally green with envy, while on mine is only a reflective viridian after-glow gifted by and shared with my love.

cathy said...

finally a place where I can not only admit aloud that i am jealous of another girl's panties but tell others about how much hubby loves my girly sexy panties.

The Skye in june sounds like a great read. Not as great as the ride my husband will give me when he gets an eye full of my new panties but woweeeeeee what a twosome

jemmmers74 said...

I am green with envy because my best friend just got a new car and it is green , and I guess if I can't parade my butt around in a new ride I will parade around in a new pair of panties....(smirk)...and the book, some inspirational reading, fire in the bedroom...that will make my friend envious of me!

klp1965 said...

im green with envy because i wanna sit in my room with only the green panties reading the book..hope nobody walks in :)better yet for them they better hope they dont walk in they might get

ssmina said...

gotta have the panties, I don't think I have a green pair, thanks!

fancyfeet48 said...

I am green with envy cause I want some green panties

masonsgranny59 said...

I am green with envy cause I want some green panties to give to my daughter.

kerri69 said...

Im green with envy first of all i need a good book to read. 2 this book sounds good and 3 I would love some new sexy panties i dont own any in green

flared0ne said...

Thank you, Eve, I ~did~ receive your email this time (I HAD gotten the feeling I was 'missing' something) -- and I'm looking forward to gifting my redheaded wife!

After reading through, once my comment was posted, I realized I had left out three words that made a definite difference in the flow and the feel: "...while on mine, cheek on cloth, is only a reflective viridian after-glow..."

This was FUN! And thank you again, I do appreciate a good read and even more so the "artful framing" 8^) !


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