Friday, October 24, 2008

Feel Your Boobies!

Last week was the 2nd Annual National Feel Your Boobies® Week (October 10 -17). We found out about this cause worthy event, highlighting breast cancer prevention and detection, from our friends at the Cotton Sisters.

Founded by Leigh Hurst, Feel Your Boobies® started as a "fun t-shirt with a cute slogan." But it's more than that. It's a "call to action for women young and not-so-young to get in touch with their body and know what’s normal for them."

How did Feel Your Boobies start? It was a personal experience that triggered Leigh's plight.


"I was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 7, 2004. I was 33, I ran marathons, ate well, and thankfully I felt my boobies! I wouldn’t necessarily say I did “self-breast exams” as they are traditionally defined, but I did feel my boobies during the course of my daily routine and because I did, I knew when something was different...

...My case is nearly 95% treatable because of the early detection. I'm very lucky and Feel Your Boobies is now my full-time endeavor and passion that allows me to tell my story to young women to spread the word about the importance of feeling your boobies and breast awareness, especially among the younger population where traditional breast cancer messages are often not targeted."

For the whole article, click on Leigh's Story.
Images are of Leigh when she received treatment (top right) and her today (bottom right).

Spread the word, early breast cancer detection can lead survival. Celebrate Your Inner Eve for years to come by touching your boobies!

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