Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eve's Apples Boutique Panty Contest

Do you know a tres chic boutique filled with luxurious lingerie that gives clients the royal treatment every visit?

Is there a place that has incredible bra fittings that the locals covet?

Do you have a favorite lingerie boutique that makes you feel special every time you visit the store?

We Want to Know!

If you do, tell us the name of your favorite lingerie boutique. If we use your suggestion, then we'll send you a FREE PAIR OF PANTIES, COMPLIMENTS OF EVE'S APPLES!

To Enter: Send us an e-mail ( and tell us what you love most about the store. What makes it stand out? Please also include the following information...
  • Name of the Boutique
  • Website Address of the Boutique
  • Your Name
  • Your E-Mail Address
  • Your Panty Size
  • Your Address

Deadline: Ongoing

In the case of multiple submissions, we'll honor the first e-mail notification about the boutique. Tell us about your absolutely fabulous boutique and win a free pair of panties! Best wishes, my dear Lingeristas.

Please Note: Panties selection is chosen by Eve's Apples and rotates based upon what is in stock. Once you have sent us your size and received the panty (in that size) from us, we are unable to return the panties.

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