Friday, October 3, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ Highlighting: Christina Applegate & Oprah

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month! That means I'll be bringing inspirational stories and tips to you about taking care of and cherishing your girls.

To start off our Eve's Apples series supporting women's awareness, Christina Applegate was recently on Oprah talking about her decision to have a bilateral mastectomy. During the emotional, inspiring, and candid interview, Christina says, "It came on really fast. It was one of those things that I woke up and it felt so right," she says. "It just seemed like, 'I don't want to have to deal with this again. I don't want to keep putting that stuff in my body. I just want to be done with this.' … I was just going to let them go."

Of the points made during the show, these are the important ones to take with you:
  • 70% of women who get breast cancer haven't had a previous case in their families
  • Women with dense breast tissue may need go beyond a mammogram and get an ultrasound or MRI to scan breast tissue
  • See if you have the breast cancer gene in your family. If you do, studies say that 86% of women with the breast cancer gene have a chance of developing breast cancer
  • Demand that insurance companies cover preventative measures, such as screening for the breast cancer gene and MRIs or ultrasounds on densely breasted women
  • Most of all, make sure that you do your own self assessment

What has Christina taken away from this experience?

"I have taken a very progressive stance in the rest of my life," Christina says. "For that, I'm really grateful."

For the complete article, click on Christina Applegate Interview on Oprah.

Celebrating Your Inner Eve also means taking care of yourself. As women, we have to learn to become our best advocates and champions for our health! If we do it now, then our we, along with our daughters and granddaughters, will have a brighter future!

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