Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Resolution: For Lingeristas


I will do one Eve's Apples Lingerista Resolution for each month of 2009 until I've reached 12 Resolutions by December. They are as follows:
  1. I will throw away any granny panties
  2. I will get measured properly! I will go to either Nordstrom, Rigby & Peller, or a boutique that specializes in fittings (not a mall chain) to get measured and ensure my measurement is correct
  3. I will discover if my breast shape affects my bra size
  4. I will wear lingerie for me
  5. I will see which lingerie makes me feel good, any item that doesn't will immediately get thrown away. Any bras that are gently worn will be donated friends, family, Goodwill, the Salvation Army or sent to Gigi's Closet Bra Drive in the US or Breast Appeal in the UK
  6. I will invest in good, high quality lingerie that will last me a long while--no more disposable, cheap lingerie
  7. I will find out how my moods are affected by the lingerie color that I wear
  8. I will buy one nice chemise or lingerie set that makes me feel like a queen and wear it "just because"
  9. I will accept my body
  10. I will acknowledge that my body is perfect in all of its unique and glorious "imperfections"
  11. I will wear matching lingerie (bras and panties) everyday--no matter who sees it
  12. I will be adventuresome and try a new style of panties that has scared me in the past

Above all, throughout 2009, I will Celebrate My Inner Eve!

Pond of Eve (image top center) by Lineca

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Gregory said...

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