Friday, July 25, 2008

100 Posts ~ Celebrating Your Inner Eve!

"To Celebrate Your Inner Eve is to embrace all aspects of being a woman, the sweet, the smart, the sassy, the savvy, and the seductive, with confidence!"

To share my excitement of 100th Eve's Apples post, I'm highlighting one of our first ever articles, Priceless Panties: Mood Lingerie. For me, priceless panties and how they make me feel is one reason, of the many, that inspires my love of lingerie and this blog.

Onto "Priceless Panties: Mood Lingerie"...

An old boyfriend once told me that nothing is more attractive on a woman than confidence. I say, "Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman in luxurious lingerie." For me, wearing a beautiful matching bra and panty set in a sumptuous fabric against my skin makes me feel sexy any day. It's never mattered to me whether or not my boyfriends ever knew that I was wearing special lingerie or not, or even if my husband does now. What has mattered all along is that I've known!

The right kind of lingerie will set me up for the day. If there's a day where I feel like hell warmed over, I'll look though my precious, color-coded lingerie drawers only to find my mood lifting. Once I slip the silk over my body, the decision is made. Today is going to be good! Over the years, I've noticed, that I tend to gravitate towards certain colors and sets based upon my moods. The following is what I've found according to my mood:

Bra Color & Mood

  • white = fresh, new beginnings
  • black = meow, confident, nothings getting past me today
  • red = sexy vixen, sassy, watch out
  • pink = sweet, loving, tender, kind
  • blue = calm, mellow, steady
  • green = grounding
  • brown = stylish, serious
  • orange = artistic, creative
  • flower print = girlie
  • stripes = fun-loving, sporty

How I feel about lingerie reminds me of the time I tried on a $250,000 necklace at Tiffany's. The ladies with me were encouraging me to try on the necklace. I thought, "Why? I don't even like diamonds." I begrudgingly tried it on, only to be shocked at how such a small, delicately crafted piece could immediately alter my mood.

Once it was on my neck, I felt it...the feeling can only be described as a symbiotic blend of craftsmanship, beauty, and elegance. And I hadn't even I looked in the mirror yet. I can still feel the light, countless karats effortlessly draping over my collar bone and the polished metal gliding over my skin. It was as if the necklace were made just for me. And when I saw it on myself...well, I don't have to say anymore. It was a priceless experience. In that moment, I finally knew why they say, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."

The right lingerie can have the same mood altering affect. Although, for a lot less money. Whew! Lingerie can...enhance parts of my body that I never knew could look like that! What it does for my confidence, even if I'm the only one who knows it, is priceless!

What can you do to have your own mood altering experience with lingerie?

Take Inventory

Start taking notice of which lingerie you gravitate to throughout the month. See if there is any specific lingerie that you wear when you're feeling happy, sassy, or romantic. How do you feel when the lingerie is next to your skin? Is there any lingerie that makes you feel bad?
Does it remind you of an unhappy time with an old lover? A bad point in your life? When you were a weight that you didn't like? If so, GET RID OF IT! You should only wear lingerie that makes you feel good about yourself! Wearing lingerie that makes you feel bad is the kiss of death. Lingerie is the closest thing next to your skin. The lingerie that you wear will affect how you feel and how present yourself to the world....

For the rest of the post, click on Priceless Panties: Mood Lingerie.

Once you get your special set of lingerie, you'll be amazed how such a small piece of clothing can lift your spirits. As my version of that infamous commercial goes...

  • Bra ~ $48
  • Expensive Diamond Necklace ~ $250,000
  • The Way Luxurious Lingerie Makes Me Feel ~ PRICELESS!

Celebrate with us! Put on a pair of your favorite lingerie and tell us how it changed your mood!

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