Friday, July 18, 2008

Invasion of the Granny Panties

I had a laugh reading this post by The Diva on The Diva Survival Guide. I think it expresses how many of us Lingeristas feel when we go to our lingerie drawer only to discover the unthinkable.

"After my shower this morning I happily sauntered to my dresser and opened my "intimates" drawer only to discover to my horror that while The Diva in me has been away, the drawer in question has been unceremoniously taken over by...


It seems these evil things have been killing, maiming, consuming and/or otherwise raping and pillaging my other undergarments right into extinction.

For the complete post, click on Invasion of Granny Panties.

Say "No" to Granny Panties, and Celebrate Your Inner Eve!

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