Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Custard Creams ~ Lingerie Treats by Patrick & Skinner

I'll be the first to say that "Lingerie is dessert" and "Lingerie accessories are icing on the cake".

When I saw the new release of Patrick & Skinner's Sweetie Shop Line featuring Custard Creams, lingerie inspired by your favorite sweets, I knew they were onto something.

They look good enough to eat! Just look at the delicious lingerie in the images!

Custard Creams come in Rhubarb, Apple, and Banana. Don't you just want to take a bite?!

If you like this line, in the words of Patrick & Skinner, "The patisserie is now open for your over indulgence." The image (left) with green apple lingerie is Apple & Custard. The bra is £170.00 and the brief panty is £120.00. The image (bottom left) is Rhubarb. Tempting and delicious, the bra is also £170.00 and the brief panty is £120.00.

As a special treat, in August Eve's Apples Lingerie Blog will have a giveaway contest for you, thanks to Patrick & Skinner!

Check back with us in August for further details so that you can Celebrate Your Inner Eve and indulge in your sweet tooth!

If you like the Custard Creams, Patrick & Skinner also has their equally delicious Chocolate Indulgence line.

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