Friday, July 18, 2008

Breast Shape Affects Bra Size ~ Part 2: Eve is Not Alone

I'm not the only one to have experienced conflicting bra measurements given by lingerie professionals! Amelia, Editor of The Frisky, got her bra size tested too, and it looks like she encountered the same results that I did when traveling through London.

To see Amelia's quest for her bra size click on the video below.

In the video above, Amelia gets the same bra sizes (36A and 32C) that I did from fitters.

Here is a good rule of thumb when getting bras in other countries: U.S. and Australian cup sizes are the same. U.K., France, and International cup sizes are one size larger than U.S. sizes.

In knowing this, I'd be willing to bet that Amelia's ability to wear "C" and "D" cups, when for years she thought she was a "B" cup, is due to her breast shape.

Why do I think this?

Back in May, I posted that Breast Shape Affects Bra Size, after I visited the coveted Rigby & Peller boutique in Knightsbridge. Prior to visiting the store, I was told (in the United States) that I was a 36A. After visiting Rigby & Peller, Tanya, my fitter, gave me the earth-shattering news that I was a 32C!

For more information on Rigby & Peller, click on Boutique of the Month ~ May.

There is hope if any of you still don't have a comfortable bra fit, are in between sizes or were tape measured without luck. Click on Eve's Apples' post Breast Shape Affects Bra Size to help you figure out your correct size.

Above all, Celebrate Your Inner Eve!

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