Friday, May 23, 2008

Boutique of the Month: Rigby & Peller

This was the single, best experience I've ever had in a lingerie store! You don't have to be the Queen of England or royalty to get the royal treatment here. Rigby & Peller does a fabulous job ensuring each customer feels at home, comfortable, and confident.

With stores located in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Brent Cross and Bluewater, Rigby & Peller has been catering to lingerie customers for over 40 years. The fact that Tanya, my fitter, was able to tell my size and customize it based upon my breast shape still amazes me. To this day, the bras she had me try on were a better fit than any I've had after getting tape measured. For more on my personal fitting experience, click on Breast Shape Affects Bra Size.

Customer Service: Since Queen Elizabeth's Royal Corestiere has been here for decades, you can be assured that the service is top notch. Kind, pleasant, and knowledgeable sums up all of the fitters I met. The words "customer service" doesn't do justice to the one-of-a-kind experience you'll get when having a personal fitting here.

Store: It's an upscale, classic look, simply and cleanly merchandised, making it easy to shop swimsuits on the floor. In terms of lingerie, at first I was intimidated since most of the lingerie is tucked away in wooden drawers lining the walls. However, Rigby & Peller staff are friendly and unassuming, welcoming visitors and encouraging fittings. That way you're ensured of leaving with a style you love and in a size that fits.

Website: Easy to use. Rigby & Peller has a strong foundation in helping customers and giving good advice. Their website is no different. The following is advice provided on their website:

Brands: They carry good quality, high end brands. If you don't live in London or nearby, you can check their website at Rigby & Peller Brands for their stock. The following are only some of the luxurious lingerie that they carry:

Services: They specialize in fitting and don't use the standard tape measure method that has swept the country in the last couple of years. Instead they look at the customer bare breasted to determine how each person's body type and breast shape affect the bra size.

Overall: I wish there were Rigby & Peller boutiques in the United States! This is the creme de la creme of customer service, enhanced with beautiful lingerie. I can't recommend visiting Rigby & Peller enough when you're in town. It's worth the trip!

To show you how much fun I had at Rigby & Peller, the lingerie images in this post are the bra and panty sets that I bought while visiting the store. A visit to Rigby & Peller is a sure fire way to make you feel like you've Celebrated Your Inner Eve!

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