Friday, May 16, 2008

Lingerie Body: Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit Season is Upon Us

Lingerie in the privacy of your own boudoir is one thing, and it's quite another to put on an itsy-bity bikini in public. Maybe you've been tirelessly working out since the crack of dawn the day after New Years, or maybe you're like many others who strive to reach a balance between work, play, and getting in shape. In any case, here are some quick tips to get yourself looking and feeling gorgous before you put on that bikini:

  • Drink a Lot of Water. Water flushes out your body of toxins and keeps it hydrated. Water makes your skin look radiant, and not much is more beautiful than a natural looking woman with glowing skin who is comfortable and confident about herself
  • Get Moving. There are a lot of ways to get exercise beyond running five miles or swimming for an hour. By making simple choices, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing sit ups and push ups after you wake up or stretching into some simple yoga poses, you'll notice you're body start toning and feeling stronger
  • Treat Yourself to a Wax. For some, the idea of waxng your bikini area sounds more like a torture than a treat. For those of you who have given birth to children, I say, "What's a little wax?" For others, it's great having smooth skin and not shaving for an entire month
  • Try Your Swimsuit on One Month Before Hitting the Beach. This is usually my incentive to up my swimming sessions
  • Buy a Swimsuit that You Love and Loves Your Body. This can be used as another incentive to work out, eat healthy or as a reward once you achieve a goal

To be completely frank, it's not about having the perfect body. What's most important is being healthy, feeling comfortable about yourself and being happy with who you are today. All of the above tips are small changes that can make a large difference over time. After all, living healthy is a lifestyle, not a crash course in dieting and exercise. What is most important is that you're happy with who you are regardless of your shape and size. When you're comfortable and confident in your own skin, it doesn't matter what size you are, it's infectious and others will view you the same way.

Above are swimsuits from Malia Mills, a company that embraces women of all shapes and sizes and whose mottos is to "Love thy differences." You'll notice the women in all the images have a vast array of body shapes and breast sizes. The company specifically has "...(S)tyles for sizes 30A to 40DD and 2 to 16...(W)e’re passionate about celebrating women and articulating an inclusive and inspiring voice on the subject of women and beauty...."

With all that is available for women today, no matter what your size, go hit that beach and Celebrate Your Inner Eve!


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