Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Poll Results: What is the Most Comfortable Thong-Inspired Panty

In our Eve's Apples poll asking which thong-inspired panty that our readers found most comfortable, you're torn between the traditional thong, Brazilian cut and thinking thongs are like a visit to the dentist.

Below are the final results:

Traditional Thong ~ 33%

Brazilian Cut ~ 33%

It's all dental floss to me ~ 33%

T~Back ~ 0%

I'd rather go au natural ~ 0%

Tips for a comfortable thong fit:

  • Try a size larger. It will help keep from giving you the "dental floss effect"

  • Go for a comfortable fabric that has stretch like microfiber or supima cotton

  • Try on several styles to see which cut works best with your body type. People's body types greatly affect whether or not a fit is comfortable or rides up so high you have to send out search and rescue

  • Try Hanky Panky panties. They've won several awards for their style and comfort

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