Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poll Results: Matching Panties ~ You...

Mix Panties & Bras to Match!

In our Eve's Apples Poll, 64% of our Lingeristas said that they like to mix it up when it comes to matching their bras and panties.

The final results are as follows:
  • 64% ~ Mix Panties & Bras to Match
  • 20% ~ Only Wear Matching Panties
  • 16% ~ Can't be Bothered with Matching Panties
  • 0% ~ Panties...Who Wears Panties?
In honor of our readers who like to mix and match, here's a little inside secret. The last three boutiques that I've visited have all said that Hanky Panky makes the best thongs to mix and match with your expensive bra and panty sets.

What makes Hanky Panky so special? Their comfortable, affordable thongs come in a rainbow of colors to go with any of your bras. These knickers are definitely "Priceless Panties" for savvy women.

Try some Hanky Panky panties to spice up your lingerie, extend the life of your expensive sets and Celebrate Your Inner Eve!

1 comment:

Lingerie Diva said...

I love mixing and matching my bras and panties, it's fun and it lets you wear multi-colored bras with various types and colors of panties.

Great idea, Hanky Panky! :)


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