Sunday, April 20, 2008

Travel Panties: The Thong

In an effort to discover the best panty for travel, I'm trying out several styles and fabrics to "road test" them on my trip overseas. For starters, here is one of my all time favorite panties. Introducing, the microfiber laser cut thong. Lets see how it did on the one-way trip from Los Angeles to London.

Score: Out of 5 Apples (5 being the best and 0 the worst), the microfiber laser cut thong receives...

Comfort: Very comfortable

Fabric: Great. Soft next to the skin. Easy to wash at night and will air dry by morning. A perfect fabric to use during travel

Fit: The fit is good for the first two to three hours. After three hours, they hiked up so high I had to send out a search party

Versatility: The style and fabric are brilliant for traveling and can also be worn to a fancy evening out. I love that there aren't any panty lines with this style

Ability to Stay Put: Horrid. Even with wearing a larger size panty than my usual (to ward off dental floss) it ended up being more like a close encounter of the intimate kind. And not in a good way.

It could be due to the lack of elastic around the legs that this panty likes to migrate and stay put. Only more testing can tell for certain

Travel Tip: Carry a second pair of panties in your carry-on luggage tucked away in a lingerie bag (a ziplock bag will also do). The next morning you can change and put the dirty pair in your ziplock bag. Since you've already made it past security, you won't have to worry about someone rifling through your dirty laundry

My dear Lingeristas, don't worry about me. You know that I've brought about 50 pairs of panties, and I have even more boutiques play in while I'm here. I'm certain I'll find the best pair of traveling panties or close to it.

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