Sunday, April 27, 2008

Confessions from the L.A. Textile Show

Greetings from London!
Recently, I posted on The Lingerie Post about my experience at the L.A. Textile Show. Feel free to read about it below.

I confess, it was my virgin trip to the Los Angeles Textile Show. What an experience! I went through over a hundred booths seeking those “it” pieces of fabric that I had designed my Spring ‘09 Eve’s Apples lingerie line around.

I can’t deny it, I adored the French lace. If French lace is a sin, then I don’t want redemption. Unfortunately, with the U.S. economy being so fragile and my greatest attempt at staying away from the higher end pieces, my lovely lace was still priced at over $90 per meter…Time to reconsider my line.

After three days of silk, satin, and lace, two Project Runway alumni sightings and one caffine infused drink every hour, I focused on looking for inspiration pieces. Fortunately, that is just what I found. Time and sleep solved the sensory overload from last week and a few pieces have stuck with me that inspired an entirely new line.

The big hit of the show was all of the new eco-fabrics in
bamboo, hemp, and recycled materials. (The image above is hemp silk)...

For my full post at The Lingerie Post, please click on Confessions from the L.A. Textile Show.

Have a smashing day and always Celebrate Your Inner Eve, my dear Lingeristas!

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