Thursday, April 24, 2008

Win a Bra(g) for Mother's Day

Compliments of The Lingerie Post!
Our friends over at The Lingerie Post have done it again by having another stellar contest, and this time you can win a Bra(g) and panty pack (Bra(g)'s new travel bag for panties). Krista posted that all you have to do is go on TLP's forum site and post about your "worst ruined bra story. Two winners will be chosen by Bra(g) inventor Jane Webb."
Your shame-ridden, life-altering bra mishap could now turn into something positive! I'm traveling through London right now, using my Bra(g), and I LOVE it!

If you win, let us know your story and we'll post it here on Eve's Apples. Contest ends April 30th.

Best of luck in the contest!

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