Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Donate Old Bras to Charity!

Is your bra past its prime? Tired of looking at that same old style and color? Is it just taking up space in your lingerie drawer?

Donate your bra to Breast Talk ~ Bra Appeal!

At Breast Talk ~ Bra Appeal, they give bras new life by donating them to charities in the United Kingdom and oversees. These charities distribute bras to women who are desperately in need of a one. Most of the women receiving these bras are homeless or below the poverty line while raising a family. When a woman wonders whether to buy a bra or put food on the table, the choice becomes a simple one. Like most mothers she'll go without, sacrificing pain and back problems, in order to see her family fed.

As Breast Talk puts it, "Imagine being a 34DD or 36FF and not having a bra to support your breasts or wearing the wrong sized bra day in day out" such as one "well endowed woman" who had no option but to ineffectively squeeze into a training bra.

What kind of bras do they need?
  • Any Style - not too sexy or see through
  • Any Size - especially large or small sizes. US or European sizes work well
  • Maternity or Nursing Bras
  • Bras in Working Order - please check to ensure straps and claps work and that material is free from rips or tears

Many Eve's Apple readers are in the United States and can still help. By getting a flat rate box at the post office, you can ship it anywhere in the world for under $8. Instead of throwing away your used bras, gather them up and ask your family and friends for their bras too. In a flat rate box, you should be able to fit around 20 bras.

Post your Bras to: - Bra Appeal / PO Box 71 CRAVEN / ARMSSY7 )WZ / ENGLAND

IMPORTANT: Please note...

  • All bras need to go to the address above in a small ziplock bag or box
  • YOU MUST wash all bras before you post them
  • Please attach a small piece of paper to each bra with the size. Use a paper clip and attach to one of the straps
  • If you are sending new bras please let Breast Appeal know they are new
  • At this time, they'll only equipped to handle small donations, not large ones from companies

For more information on ~ Bra Appeal, click on Donate Unwanted Bras to Charity.

Sometimes Celebrating Your Inner Eve is Helping Others Celebrate!

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