Friday, May 9, 2008

Glamorizing the Ultra-Thin

By Lingerie Diva

This article was recently posted on Lingerie Diva's website about the French Parliament passing a bill to "glamorize the ultra-thin." According to Lingerie Diva the bill "(W)ill attack Web sites that tell anorexics how to starve and could also target the fashion industry. The crack down would include fines of up to $71,000 and three-year prison sentences for offenders who encourage 'extreme thinness.' In the next few weeks this bill will go to the Senate.

This bill follows the 2006 anorexia-linked death of Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston, which prompted efforts throughout the fashion industry to address the health problems of ultra-thin models..."

For the full article, click on Glamorizing the Ultra-Thin.

Thank you to Lingerie Diva with posting this article. Eve's Apples couldn't agree with you more. As long as the media continues to promote unhealthy and sickly images of women as the ideal beauty and photo shop normal sized women down to waifs, impressionable girls and women will continue sacrificing their health and well-being to achieve this unrealistic image.

Celebrating Your Inner Eve is all about embracing who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Until we can love and accept ourselves as we are no one else will either.


The Lingerie Diva said...

Thank you, EvesApples, for posting my article. It's a very important subject that can never have enough coverage and support. It's nice to see a fellow blogger recognizing this issue as well! :)

EvesApples said...

Like I commented on your blog, it was something that I wanted to post about. When I saw your post I thought it expressed what I wanted to say myself. I'm also glad that you see the seriousness and importance of this issue. Great post, Lingerie Diva!

EvesApples said...

Wow! I sound really intesne above, I suppose it's because this is a serious issue that can lead to death. I think Lingerie Diva did a great job pulling together a fabulous and timely post! I could agree with her post more! ;)


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