Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bra Inserts: Instant Breast Enhancement without Surgery

By Cassandra Haley

Some women may feel uncomfortable with their breast size - especially when they seem a bit smaller to be sexy. There are ladies would want to go under the knife to add a cup size or two to their breasts. A bit expensive? Probably. Not to mention painful.

But did you know that there is another way to increase your bust size without actually having to undergo operation? It's fast, cost-effective, painless and gives you instant results - the bra inserts.

Bra inserts are made to be placed inside your bra. They give you the instant push-up you want, and creates a deeper cleavage in seconds. All you have to do is position them inside your bra, under your breasts, and let them do magic for you.

Bra inserts may come in various types. Most common are the silicone bra inserts. Many women buy silicone bra inserts because they feel natural against your skin. They also follow the breasts' shape so the inserts aren't noticeable. Other bra inserts also have air or water inside, which also follows the natural shape of the breast.

Hot in the market right now are waterproof bra inserts. These breast enhancers may also be made of silicone. Many women prefer this kind of inserts because they can wear them under their swimsuits. See, even in bikinis you can get the push-up and deeper cleavage you want, thanks to these swimwear inserts.

There are also those bra inserts that have nipples shaped onto them. It makes your breasts look perkier and, at the same time, adds a cup size to your busts. Many women like this kind of bra insert because they feel that it looks more natural than the common silicone inserts.

Bra inserts are the best solution for women who are insecure of their breast size, yet are afraid to undergo operation for breast augmentation. The results are instant and definitely painless. And because they're made to give you a natural-looking lift, no one will notice you're wearing one underneath. has a variety of bra inserts that you can wear under your everyday bra or even in your bikini. We also carry regular and plus size bras and lingerie for different occasions. Article Source:

A Note from Eve's Apples: Many swimsuits already come with push up padding already in place, such as the Fifi Chachnil bikini in the image above. However, many still do not. If you're going swimming and want to enhance your shape, the Braza Swim Shaper Silicone Dolly Push up Pads is a great alternative to surgery!


Cadouri Femei said...

Indeed this kind of bra are very useful but are not dangerous for your healthy? From what i know is not so good to wear this kind of bra every day.

Brenda said...

With this content I receive new knowledge and help to learn few things about breast enhancement.


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