Monday, July 14, 2008

The Virtues of Hand Washing Lingerie

Back in the "olden days," all you could do was hand wash lingerie. Along with technology came new fangled washing machines that did the work for you. But it doesn't mean it's better.

There are countless stories about lingerie being torn to shreds in washing machines, turning from pristine white to scandalous scarlet (thanks to a red towel), and losing it's elasticity. If you are like many people and don't want to take your lingerie to the dry cleaners, the other option is to hand wash your dainty delicates.

I definitely wouldn't wash these Damaris White Lace Corset Knickers (on right) in the machine! Panties can be purchased on sale at Faire Frou Frou for $159.60.

The Virtues of Hand Washing...
  1. They keep their shape
  2. Lingerie lasts longer
  3. Colors don't fade (unless you dry them on a clothes line in the sun)
  4. No more expensive bras and panties resembling rags
  5. No more crying over the one and only bra you loved resembling a World War II bombing
  6. Bra straps keep their elasticity
  7. Panty waist bands keep their elasticity too
  8. Seams are less likely to become frayed
  9. While washing, you won't loose any panties to the sock and panty gods
  10. Boyfriends, husbands, dads and other do-gooders on the laundry front can't be blamed for ruining your prized unmentionables

If this isn't enough to convince you that hand washing is the way to go, you can get a mesh lingerie laundry bag to put in the washing machine. It's better than washing your delicates with any old sort of clothing and hoping for the best.

To win a free mesh lingerie laundry bag and pair of Hanky Panky Panties, enter the Eve's Apples' WASH & WEAR CONTEST.

By hand washing or using a mesh lingerie bag, you can avoid horrid, traumatic laundry mishaps that have left me giving a eulogy to my recently departed lingerie. My lingerie eulogy usually goes something like this:

"Good bye, dear lingerie. I loved you while you were here. Gorgeous as you are, I was lame and put you in the washing machine. The spin cycle no less. Not even on 'delicate.' If I was a seamstress goddess, I would resurrect you into your grand splendor, but alas I'm only an affectionado of fine lingerie, not fit for basting a bra band. You'll be greatly missed, especially at parties, homecomings, and getaways. And most of all by me."

To avoid the melodrama of saying "good bye", dear Lingeristas, please wash your panties and bras by hand or with a mesh lingerie bag. After the lingerie is washed, remember to NEVER put your lovely ladies in the dryer. For more tips on washing your lingerie, go to Decidedly Delicate: Washing Care for Your Underwear.

Many thanks to Lisa Bouwer for her image of the romantic looking clothesline. For more of her images or to purchase them, please go to Lisa Bouwer Photography.

In the meantime, enjoy your lingerie and Celebrate Your Inner Eve!

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