Friday, June 6, 2008

Decidedly Delicate: Washing Care for your Underwear

Special care should always be given when laundering your delicates. Here are a few Eve's Apples tips to keep in mind when you're washing your lingerie:
  1. If you have time, wash lingerie by hand or send it to the dry cleaners. Both will extend the life of your lingerie
  2. If you wash lingerie in the machine, make sure you put it in a lingerie bag. It will ensure that your delicates don't rip, snag, or get twisted up with other clothing
  3. Wash with similar colors. I can't tell you how many times my fine french lingerie has changed from pink to purple thanks to a pair of jeans
  4. Never put lingerie in the dryer
  5. Never wring out lingerie
  6. Always read the instructions on the care label
For more information on how to launder your delicates according to fabric type, click on Pampered Passion's article Apparel and Fabric Care.

While we have laundry on our brains, thanks to Faire Frou Frou for deciphering French and telling us about the incredibly girlie limited-edition Chantal Thomass washing machine. Made by Vedette, according to Madamoiselle Frou Frou, "...there are only 300 limited edition machines available, for 850 euros each. The machine is decorated in pink silk and black ribbons. It appears that proceeds from the sale of the machine benefit an association called Paris Tout P'tits."

I like their thinking. If you have to wash clothes, you may as wash them in style! It's a sure fire way to help a good cause and Celebrate Your Inner Eve at the same time!

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