Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Movie Review: Sex & The City

Liz Smith declared, "Sex's Party Was a Bang That Would Make Samantha Jones Proud."

With such excitement and promotion over Sex & The City: The Movie, everyone wanted to know if the movie could live up to everyone's expectations. After all, it led the box office on opening weekend, surpassing even Indian Jones. Since the movie release, the Jimmy Choo Atlas Sandles have settled and the movie has received mixed reviews. What did Eve's Apples think about the movie? Read below and find out.

Lingerie: Oh so fabulous. The "Lake & Stars" romper worn by Carrie (image on the right) can be found at for 149 British pounds, which is a little under $300.

Expectations: Carrie was expected to lose her happily ever after, and she did. I won't tell you how it ends because that will ruin the twists and turns after she loses it. The funny thing about expectations is that no one will ever be able to live up to them. I find it best to go in with no expectations when I see a film, then I'm always pleasantly surprised.

Love Factor:

  • Love, love, love Charlotte. In my opinion, Kristin Davis steals the show with her Charlotte-isms
  • Love that Carrie wears a bird in her hair to get married, all in the name of "fashion"
  • Love Samantha's sushi incident
  • Love the relationships and characters. After all, that's who we came to see
  • Love that the audience clapped at the end. Despite some critics slamming the movie, the fans still appreciated and enjoyed it

From a Film Maker's Perspective: The beginning was a bit slow as Carrie planned the wedding, but necessary in order to bring the whole audience up to speed--in case there was someone who didn't see the show. I was disappointed that we lose track of Big while Carrie grieves. On the positive side, the sets are stunning and filming is beautiful. Wait until you see the apartment that Big buys Carrie! The fashion is one for the runway. The banter and humor between Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda is great and true to each character.

Overall: It was longer than a typical movie which I found satisfying since I tend to watch a few Sex & The City episodes back-to-back. I felt fulfilled going on a roller coaster journey filled with haute couture, travel, bridezilla moments, relationships, and emotions.

If you like the show and want a fashion-packed movie where you can spend time with some of your favorite characters, then you'll enjoy this movie.

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