Monday, June 9, 2008

Poll Results: What are the Best Travel Panties?


In our Eve's Apples Poll, our traveling Lingeristas liked thongs better than other panties for travel. Here are the results:

  • Thong = 50%
  • Bikini = 25%
  • Boy Shorts = 25%
  • Commando = 0
  • Granny Panties = 0
  • Doesn't Exist = 0
  • Rather Go Au Natural = 0


Kelly said...

Those results surprise me. I didn't participate in the poll, but for me thongs aren't my best friends during travel. During long plane, car, or train rides, I want something completely comfortable (not to say that thongs can't be comfortable, I just don't think they are *as* comfortable as other panties)

EvesApples said...

I was really surprised too! I thought for sure it would be either boy shorts or granny panties as the winner. But we didn't even get one vote for granny panties. I thought that the whole appeal of granny panties is that they're comfortable. Tres bizarre!

Mary said...

Thongs are awesome for easy wash and hangup too when you are in Europe and can't find laundromat.


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