Friday, June 27, 2008

Female Agents: A WWII Film ~ Where Lingerie is a Deadly Weapon


With the release of the film
Female Agents and Agent Provocateur as our Boutique of the Month, it seems that June is the month for agents, espionage, and spies. Many thanks to Telegraph who first told us about the film!

Female Agents stars Sophie Marceau. She "is plunged into things rather more terrible than most: as the leader of a gang of female spies sent into occupied France during the Second World War, she is shot at, imprisoned, betrayed, tortured, and her husband is killed. Inspired by the true story of the women employed by the Special Operations Executive to serve undercover during the war, Jean-Paul Salomé's gripping film suggests you don't have to be male to be a hero and that, used cunningly, lingerie and lipstick can be as deadly as any weapon...

...Female Agents nevertheless prods at an uncomfortable question that continues to haunt the French, more than 60 years after war ended: who resisted and who collaborated? 'It still hasn't been spoken about properly in France,' says Marceau. 'If people - or their families - collaborated, they don't tell you, they keep silent. And I think that has nourished a kind of complex....'"

For the complete article by Telegraph, click on Sophie Marceau: when lingerie is a deadly weapon.

Female Agents' Trailer

Sex & The City: The Movie proved that women have a large voice when it comes to female films, lets see what we can do to have a say about Female Agents!

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