Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book Review on Boobs: A Guide To Your Girls

Boobs: A Guide To Your Girls by Elisabeth Dale (formerly Squires) is a gem! No, seriously. It's up there with the jewelry I keep on my nightstand. Why?

Elisabeth, the Mammologist, is an expert, being interviewed throughout the country by The New York Times, television and radio stations and blogs. Her book covers all areas from fitting to bras, health, breast types and more. This book has become a welcome asset personally and professionally.

As I've been refining the best way to accurately measure small busted women, Elisabeth's book revealed a wonderful surprise. In it, she mentions Dr. Pechter's method of bra measuring due to individual breast measurement. I've found this method to be so important that I included it on our free online bra consultation form where we provide detailed information, including bra size, breast shape and bra recommendations based upon bra needs and desires.

Why is the individual breast measurement so important?

Most small busted women's measurements won't come up with a bra size when using the traditional method of bra measuring.
Personally, I find Dr. Pechter's band measurements still to be too big, however, his system gets in the general area -- much closer than traditional measuring.

Enough about bra measurements, back to the book review.
How much do I love this book? Let me count the ways...

  1. Dr. Pechter's Individual Breast Measurement System
  2. Elizabeth is an breast expert & it comes across on every page
  3. The breast information is clearly written, making it easy to read
  4. She demystifies breasts
  5. Provides a plethora of health information
  6. Gives quotes from real women
  7. Snip-its of history and facts make it fun to read
  8. Provides answers to breast dilemmas
  9. It's a great wealth of knowledge! When you're done reading, you'll know more about breasts than you thought possible
  10. Elisabeth is just so darn likable!
If you want one book to share with your sisters, mothers or friends this holiday, this is the book!

For a chance to win this book, check out The Ultimate Lingerie Gift Contest!

Elisabeth has a lot of knowledge to share. To see one of her information filled videos about "Growing Girls," click on the video below.


Enjoy, my dear, Lingeristas!

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